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Boomerang Giving

My friend, Myra, loves to give. I’ve actually seen her give someone the shirt off her back. I know for a fact that she is the first person that many people call when they are sick, in trouble, or need help. I, unfortunately, do not share this quality and often commend her for blessing others. In response, she often laughs and says, “Blessing is a boomerang.” To which I reply, “huh?”

A few months ago while I was on the phone with her, I boasted about doing something I had never done before: I stayed within my monthly budget. In fact, at the end of the month I had $50 left over and had already planned on spending every cent of that money on make up. But she suggested something else: That I (prepare to gasp) give the money away! Which, after much, much, much, much, much, thought and discussion, I agreed to. “You’ll see,” she said. “Blessing is a boomerang.” To which I replied, “huh?”

Be Encouraged! Jesus Is Working!

Moments later I had written a check and mailed it off to a friend who was going through financial difficulties. In the envelope I placed a small note that read, “Be encouraged! Jesus is working!” And you know what? It felt good! This must be why Myra loves to give so much!

Unfortunately, I was only able to ride the wave of martyrdom for three days. Later on that week, I found myself crying in front of my computer overwhelmed by the amount of schoolwork I needed to complete. Then, I heard the familiar chime that indicated that I had gotten an e-mail. I looked up at my computer screen and saw that it was from my friend, thanking me for sending her $50. She attached to her e-mail the picture of the card I sent that read, “Be encouraged! Jesus is working!”

Tears began to stream down my face for a completely different reason. I know that I had written those words three days ago for this very moment. Jesus knew that I needed to be encouraged and that I needed to know that he was working right by my side.

After a moment, I decided to reply to my friend’s e-mail and only wrote four simple words, “Blessing is a boomerang.”

“Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you (Luke 6:38, NIV).

Jael Amador writes from New York.

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Jael Amador

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