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Autumn with Grandma

Chilly air, fresh pies, cider, and the falling of leaves. It’s that time of year where we trade in our beach sandals and pool days for fuzzy sweaters and campfires. Muggy, summer heat has slowly disappeared, only to be replaced by crisp, fall air. A new season is upon us, and although a part of me will miss summer, I’m looking forward to a change in the weather.

Autumn is my favorite season! It’s during this time of year that all my memories from childhood flood back. When I think of fall, I’m reminded of New York. It was during this time of year that I loved going to my grandmother’s house. As soon as I’d walk in the door, a familiar scent of apples and cinnamon would greet me. Grandma would always have a fresh pie cooling on the stove in the mornings upon arrival. She’d then take me to the cider mill to sample their sweet, cinnamon flavor. We’d spend our afternoons going apple picking, leaf collecting, and holiday shopping. After a fun-filled day, Grandma and I would go on long walks to the pond, skipping stones across the smooth, glass-like surface.

When my family left New York, Grandma continued to celebrate fall in our fun and traditional way. She would press colorful leaves into wax paper and send them in the mail with maple candy. Despite the distance, she always knew how to make the season extra special and memorable. Even to this day, I hold onto those blustery, fall days with fondness.

After my Grandma died, I went back to New York for a visit. I spent a day at the cider mill, sampling fresh donuts, and indulging in apple pie. It was a day of remembrances and honoring her by carrying out our traditions. Even though its been three years since her passing, this particular season brings back so many memories. I’ve moved to another state and started my own traditions, yet somehow it just doesn’t feel the same. I wish I could go back to those autumn days and relive them all over again.

Madeleine Lowe writes from Indiana.

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Madeleine Lowe

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