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As Little Children

Dear God: I can hear my grandchildren wrestling in the living room and I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anything more delightful. The baby is just developing his belly laugh and my four-year-old loves making him laugh. They giggle for the shear joy of it and luckily for me, they do it often.

When was the last time I laughed out loud out of joy. A lot of the time I act like things are pretty grim and are no laughing matter. But in reality, life is good. I have children who’ve grown in the Lord, married loving people and birthed children who are healthy and happy – thus the giggling. Sure, I’m getting older and have some aches and pains, but I’m so blessed. God thank for you for all you’ve given me, including the joy of laughing out loud and help me do it more often.

In Jesus’ name. Amen!

Dee Litten Whited writes from the east coast.

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Dee Litten Whited

Dee Litten Whited

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