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Anxiety Pills

In her article titled “Listening to Xanax,” reporter Lisa Miller chronicles “how Americans learned to stop worrying about worry and pop its pills instead.” Miller acknowledges that depression can be a “serious medical problem” that requires medication, but her article focuses on the use of drugs to deal with “low-grade anxiety” about ordinary life (or what she calls functional anxiety). If the ’90s were the decade of Prozac, then the 2010s have become the era of Xanax.1

When I recently read the paragraph that I just shared, I can’t say that I was that stunned by its content. It seems that more and more, anxious men and women are turning to chemical “helpers” to unburden their minds. They hope it will melt their stress and temporarily “fix” their situations. Could it be that society has come to this place because it left the place where real peace is found?

If we believe the Scriptures, there still exists a solution that’s simpler, longer-lasting, (and less expensive) than popping a pill to ease our anxious worry:

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

Is it possible that “The Great Physician” still knows what we need…when we need it?

Why not try it today (or any day for that matter) when you’re feeling stressed out, weary, and anxious? God knows what makes us tick, and He knows how to put our minds at ease.

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Michael Temple writes from North Dakota.

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