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Where Should I Live?
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Where Should I Live?

Where do you want to live? If you are following Jesus, if it is your habit to daily pray for God’s guidance in your life, then you can safely follow your heart. The whole earth belongs to the Lord. You can serve him anywhere.

Naturally, you’ll want to use common sense. Can you find a job? Can you afford the rent? What do your parents and friend think of your desired location? Will you be able to make friends who will encourage you spiritually?

If you are thinking of moving because you are unhappy where you now live, remember that when you arrive in the new city, you’ll still have to live with yourself. Some locations are more pleasant than others. Some will fit your call to ministry better than others. But no place will make you happy. Happiness and contentment are inside jobs.

So use common sense. Ask good questions. Then, if you’re a disciple of Jesus, follow your heart. Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus shapes us so that our desire reflects his will.

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