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Using My Talents

Iam excited about living because God loves me and has given me talents. My day begins early in the morning with Bible reading and prayer. I enjoy this time, and it primes me for the day. I have two talents that I work with on an almost daily basis. One is writing, and the other is music.

Love for Writing

I love sifting through the different links to find magazines and other publications to find places to craft a story and send it to an editor. It is rewarding to sit at the computer and find editors to send my work to and review. The reward is that an editor often sends me an acceptance email, which is a catalyst to drive me to keep sending out work.

However, I find even rejections are good because they help me measure where I am in my writing. The world of having something to say and to put it down in writing has joy in itself. I have found several times that what I had written and had published has helped others have a better day, bringing comfort to me. That is a great feeling and makes me work to write more often and sharpen what I will write for the benefit of others.

Love for Music

My other love is music. I have always wanted to play music, and I have done some singing in my life, but nothing I had mastered. So I was elated to find out that there were famous musicians and writers, and other creative people in my family tree. This led to my learning music. I started studying and decided I would learn about music for the rest of my life. I am 60 years old, and I know that one is never too old to learn.

Now I am working with a keyboard, a recorder, and a soprano saxophone. I have found through research that learning to play an instrument has mental and physical benefits. This information stirred my soul to learn to play these instruments, and I have found by experience that learning music does help my physical and mental wellbeing. To listen to the sounds coming out of the instruments thrills my soul as I am learning more songs.

Adventure Awaits

I live in an apartment building, and my neighbor says my playing is getting better and better. For that, I am thankful, and I know my neighbors are also. These two talents, along with having great friends and my needs met, are wonderful reasons for me to face each day no matter what circumstances may arise. I know that all will be well, for Jesus loves me and watches over me. With all these gifts and talents in life, I can say it is a great thing to wake up in the morning and know that adventure awaits me even in the midst of a crisis with the Covid-19 pandemic.

James Howard writes from Georgia.

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James Howard

writes from Georgia.

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