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Unexpected Blessing

It was a heavenly day today, sun washing the not-too-hot spring air. Such days make me ask why I ever complain.

Sometimes life is almost too sweet for my taste. Rather than just bask in the sunshine, I find myself waiting for the next shoe to drop—or the next car to break down, or the next unexpected bill, or the next tense conversation. Do you know what I mean? Instead of appreciating the good things, I worry they’ll go bad.

Essentially, I suffer from the inability to receive blessings gratefully. That inability stems from my basic desire to deserve things. When an undeserved, serendipitous blessing comes, I don’t trust it. I didn’t earn it, and so I have no control over it. It might leave as fast as it came, so why open my heart to it in the first place?

Actually, there’s a very good reason why. Because the sweet, unexpected, undeserved blessings that fall all around us are little metaphors of the larger blessing of life itself. According to the Bible, life is a gift from the “Savior of all men” who died so that we wouldn’t get the only thing we do deserve, which is death (1 Timothy 4:10; Romans 6:23). So it behooves me to sit back and gratefully enjoy the sun-washed spring air. It’s true I don’t deserve it. So what? I’ll receive it anyway, thanking God who also washes away my sins and breathes new life into my soul.

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Jennifer Jill Schwirzer writes from Florida.

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