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Trapped by An Angel

It was a beautiful summer’s day in Sandpoint, Idaho. With my dad off at work and my mom out grocery shopping, my little sister and I were left to a fun-filled, rule-free trampoline jumping session.

We lived on several acres of forest, so the trampoline was pretty well wrapped in foliage. My sister and I would jump as high as we could to attempt to grab hold of the low-hanging tree branches that swept the top of our grasp. As we jumped, flipped, and played  “Crack the Egg,” we were completely oblivious to anything, and everything that existed in the woods just steps beyond us.

In the midst of hopping around, we heard some rustling in the bushes behind us. We paused our fun for only a moment, brushing it off as our dog or cat out for a morning stroll. It wasn’t until the rustling noises grew significantly louder that our jumping completely subsided, and we hesitantly listened. The noises came from something that was twig-snapping, branch-cracking, and bush-trampling its way toward us.

Though I did not feel the stirring fear that I should have, looking back at the moment, I obviously was nudged by something internally that roused me to leave the trampoline and hide behind a massive tree a few feet away. Leaning back up against this massive tree was a big, wooden picnic table that my dad had propped up so he could do yard work. We stood under the shade of the picnic table, not really sure what to expect.

An Angel’s Protection

Only minutes later, it emerged from the woods—a huge, brown, muscular, large-clawed grizzly bear. The bear, not 20 feet away, pawed his way past the trampoline toward us. My mind was in a panic; where could we go? How could I protect us? That was just it; I could do nothing. At that moment, the picnic table above us fell squarely on my sister and me, caging us from the bear. The loud noise made startled the bear so much that it quickly darted away in the opposite direction. We watched him swim across the river near our house and disappear into the thick forest. Not seconds after that, my mom came home and rescued us from the protective clenches of the table, ready to hear our story.

The picnic table falling on us at that precise moment saved us from a dangerous situation. Though I could not protect us, someone else could. I believe my guardian angel pushed that picnic table over for us. Guardian angels are everywhere. We may not hear them, see them, or feel them… but they are there. And I believe they led us from danger and protected us with their wings—their picnic table-shaped wings.

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