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To Those We’ve Lost

Oh Lord, we ask you with all sincerity to preserve the precious gift you gave us, the gift of life. It is so precious that we could not afford it and only you could make the sacrifice. What is the price to pay then?! In these dreadful Corona Pandemic times, we have witnessed the loss of our dear ones. Thousands and thousands of lives were taken away. It is not that fascinating to be reduced to almost nothing because of a devastating virus. Our hope has vanished and cruel death is reigning!

In our efforts, we set up ambulances, protectives masks, and social distancing, but these only help us to be separated from our loved ones. The streets are no longer what they used to be. Darkness has taken over. In our misery, we are wondering when light will shine again on our empty streets. We want the end of loneliness and quarantine life. We are eager to cherish the return to normal activities. Our everyday life is more meaningful than the flowers we put on the monuments.

We cannot afford to use all the precious forests for coffins. And we are tired of carrying coffins and digging graves. We long to build beautiful castles. But the course of life has changed during this pandemic. Our relatives are getting grumpy, sad and depressed in quarantine. It is a soul-destroying fact that after social distancing, you will not be able to see some of your relatives. They are gone. There is no coming back. It is just painful. The stream of life has become so bitter, and every possible chance for unity has been shredded away.

Not Yet The End

“Oh, dear brothers and sisters who have succumbed to COVID-19, this cruel pandemic took you away, but it is not yet the end! This pandemic shall not forever possess the sky. It will eventually fade away. We know you fought bravely, and the pain of losing you has kept the world going. We really suffer your not being here, and nothing can ever replace you. And we are energized by the thought that you were part of us. You were brave!”

“We carry you and cherish your loving memory every sunrise. You live in our hearts and in our prayers. Even though we cannot communicate with you, you have crossed the road before us and are resting in peace. We cherish the thought of seeing you again.

Patrice Sowanou writes from Texas.

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About Patrice Sowanou

Patrice Sowanou

writes from Texas.

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