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The New Jael

I’ve said this more times than I can count: I often feel bad for the people who don’t know my friends. I know that it sounds a little pretentious, but I don’t mind. I am convinced that I won some sort of heavenly lottery because nothing else can explain why I am so blessed. The quality of the people in my life is unfathomably high and for that I am grateful.

Today, I am particularly grateful for Dulcie. She’s my workout buddy, so most days she’s my least favorite person in the world. Dulcie can work out like no other. There is not a squat, press, or rep that she cannot conquer. (Side note: squat, press, and rep are all words that Dulcie taught me). When it comes to motivating me, Dulcie can push me as no one else can! And even though I often say a few choice words to her under my breath as she’s pushing me to do “just five more push-ups,” I have to say that I find myself thanking her afterward. This is particularly true when I get on the scale or fit into that pair of jeans that I haven’t worn for a while.

My New Self

Last week, I ran up to Dulcie with some exciting news.

“D, you’re not going to believe it!” I gleamed. “13 lbs! I’ve lost 13 lbs! I couldn’t have done it without you! We need to celebrate! I’ve been craving frozen yogurt. Let’s go get some! On me!”

Dulcie looked perplexed. “Why would we celebrate with FroYo?! If you keep rewarding yourself with your old habits, you’ll eventually go back to them. You’re the New Jael, reward yourself with an extra lap around the field.”

I had a few choice words for Dulcie that day. But I had to admit that she was right. (Well, not about the FroYo because I totally had some).

But there have been many times in my life when I claim to be a “New Jael” but don’t act like it. I say I’m going to study hard, but then spend all day on social media. I say I’m going to maintain an organized and orderly home, but let the dishes linger in the sink. I say that I believe in a God that holds the future but spend hours, days, and even weeks consumed with anxiety.

Dulcie’s right. It’s not enough to say that I’m going to make a change; I need to follow my words with commitment and action. In other words, if I say that I’m the “New Jael,” I’d better act like it!

“So if you’re serious about living this new resurrection life with Christ, act like it. Pursue the things over which Christ presides” (Colossians 3:1, The Message).

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