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The Need for Forgiveness

With long strides, the Yul Brynner look-alike attired in an expensive business suit, rushed through the airport. Yet his briefcase is what caught my attention. Costly leather, I thought. I supposed him to be a businessman embarking to wheel and deal somewhere. He suddenly stopped short and sat the briefcase down, walked about a yard more, and turned to the woman who accompanied him in his rush. Her face looked gaunt, as if heavily burdened. Obviously engulfed with sadness, they both seemed confused.

He stopped and drew her closer to him and lifted her chin. His eyes searched her eyes as she backed away slowly from his outstretched arm. The briefcase left behind, a few feet away. His worrisome look indicated frustration. Drama, I thought, This is like a movie scene! I probably shouldn’t be watching. Yet, I continued spying. And I kept my eyes on the briefcase, making myself its watchman.

Finally, she ceased easing away; he kissed her. Yet she allowed him to embrace her, as though granting him a privilege, not responding in kind. He drew back in brokenness. Then he turned his head abruptly, searching for the briefcase. It sat waiting, as the din of passengers walked by, all seemingly oblivious to the emotional encounter—or the briefcase. I felt like calling out, “Don’t worry, it’s there!”

I couldn’t help but wonder what caused her coldness? A woman scorned? Perhaps he’d been unfaithful? Could there be forgiveness? An urgency came over me, pray for these strangers—right now! Thus, a silent heart-prayer ascended.

A Kiss In the Air

Down went the briefcase again, as he drew her in his arms, kissing her passionately. No words between them. With his face tear-stained, he moved away, along with the other passengers, holding fast to the briefcase.  I wanted to plead with her not to let him go. Though I knew nothing of their predicament, he obviously loved her. She stood slumped against a railing, like a fragile flower stem—he turned and blew her another kiss. He disappeared into the plane. Only then did she send a kiss into the air—and hurriedly walked away. Did he see the winged kiss?

Why did I pray for these people on whom I eavesdropped, not by hearing their words, since they uttered none, but on their heartbreaking scene? I only know that I ached for them and felt bidden. Of course, I don’t know if my prayer changed anything in the course of their relationship, but Scripture offers this admonishment, “Be joyful for those who are happy and weep with those who weep.” To interject me into their scene would be rude, yet asking God to intervene in His way is another matter. He is the counselor of the heart. Praying for strangers enlarges our own territory of compassion, And, yes, a part of my prayer for this frayed couple was that forgiveness be realized between them. I might hope that the kiss he blew into the air was a hurt heart on the mend—and that he did see it winging his way.

God’s Holy Spirit is powerful. I felt so impressed to pray for them and heeded the need for prayer. Years later, I still think of them. I think I was meant to spy that scene because ever since I’ve held a better understanding of the emptiness that would be mine if I hadn’t learned about God’s forgiveness and my own need always to forgive.

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