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The Gift of Music

Dear God: Last night was just incredible! My friends and I enjoyed a night out at the Hollywood Bowl, and the music was exquisite. Orchestras always seem so lush, so heavenly in their swelling crescendos and poignant solos.

I’ve always known that the gift of music came right from You, that Your kingdom is filled with creativity and melodies. Thank You for designing a world where sounds can be so inspiring, where you double a string’s vibration rate and get exactly one octave in difference of pitch. Thank You for “Every Good Boy Does Fine” and F-A-C-E and for the innate sense of four-four time that invades our bones and makes praise songs like Mighty to Save such intense pleasure.

On the shuttle bus last night, I resolved to always acknowledge Your creative genius behind the artistic moments that You send to me as a blessing. The books I read, the sunsets that bathed the hills above the Ventura Freeway during the concert, the songs that soothe this savage beast—I know they’re gifts and not just the vibrating of random and secular molecules. So, thank You, Father.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

David B. Smith writes from southern California.

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David B. Smith

writes from Southern California.

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