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Snow Days

Was that snowstorm my fault? When everything closed shop and we were told to stay home, I told my niece that I’m treating it as a snow day. Snow days are those days when the schools are closed to keep people safe during stormy weather and slippery roads. Since I’m retired, I accept a snow day as a day to set aside the daily housework chores and have fun. After all, kids are having fun playing in the snow.

Two days later, when we all were looking forward to spring weather, it snowed. And my, didn’t it snow! Big heavy, fast falling snow, making everything look like a winter wonderland. According to the news 6” fell. The next day it began to melt, but I still had to shovel where the snowplows had blocked my driveway—not that I’m planning to go anywhere. A snow day is a time to catch up on little things we’ve put aside in our busy lives. My bookshelves are full of books. I grabbed a book and settled down with a cup of hot tea. As I began reading I remembered the story, but couldn’t remember the ending.

Things to Do

Since this computer age, we’ve relied on contact by email or Facebook. How about getting out a sheet of paper and a pen—yes, a pen—and write a letter or even a card to a friend. She will be surprised to find something other than junk mail in the mailbox. A college friend and I have been writing letters for many years.

And since I enjoy writing, now is the time to catch up on articles/stories that I had intended to write.

Another project I have been putting off is to look through my old photo albums. Many memories there. I plan to print out any that are on the computer and add them to the albums.

Jigsaw puzzles are another thing to keep me busy.

With churches closed along with about everything else, many of them are now Live streaming the pastor’s messages. My soul is being fed from the Word of God, however, I miss the music and fellowship with friends. One afternoon I played Daniel O’Donnell’s “Songs of Faith” DVD. No fellowship with others, but it made for a worshipful afternoon.

Staying Busy

Since living alone, I look forward to beginning the new week with Sunday dinner at a restaurant. They always serve more than I can eat so I bring home a take-out box and don’t have to cook on Monday. Now that restaurants are closed, I have to cook my own Sunday dinners, but it saves money and I don’t have to tip the waitress. However, before this whole craziness started, I had stocked my freezer and have planned my meals so that I can have a variety during the week.

We still need exercise and walking is free and easy to do. Since our malls have disappeared, I often stopped in the Barnes and Noble Bookstore. It’s large enough to walk and just to look around. And sometimes I find a good buy. But now that’s closed. It’s still the time of year when the weather is iffy. If the sun is shining, it may feel warmer than it really is. But if it feels too cold to do much walking, I can drive to a park unless they, too, are closed or some public place and sit in the car and let the vitamin D do its job. It was suggested that I back my car out of the garage and just sit in my own driveway. Now that’s kind of boring.

Since I’m considered to be in the “elderly” category, I am receiving telephone calls and emails from family and friends, some from far away. Everybody’s checking on me to make sure I’m okay and if there’s anything I need. I’ve had several offers to get my groceries for me.

Turn Back to God

This “snow day” is lasting longer than a week so now it’s time to get at my spring housecleaning. Yes, we’re still “locked in,” but life must go on. I pray every day that this pandemic will end, but through it all that our country turn back to God.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” (II Chronicles 7:14, KJV).

Marion Tickner writes from New York.

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Marion Tickner

writes from New York.

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