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Shine! A Proverb

(The COVID-19 Pandemic, and racial strife)

Shine! All you who call on the name of Jesus,
Shine as you’ve never shined before!
Let all those who know you and those
Who don’t but with whom you encounter
On the highways and the byways of life
See that you belong to Jesus Christ!

Despite the mask that covers all but your eyes
Let those eyes smile for your covered mouth
May your eyes tell them that you fear not!
There is a roaming enemy who is roaring
Like a fierce beast who wants to devour us
With an agonizing worldwide pandemic
As lives are wantonly sacrificed.

The beast is not content with just
This morbid, rancid smell of death
But roars for more! Yet more!
Racial inequality rears its head
In the midst of the cries of agony.
Thus, vile is spread like manure abroad
This place of where our forefathers
Declared all its inhabitants as equals
In a land of liberty and justice for all
Yet some live unto themselves and
Gather close their robes of pomp
Ignoring the pleas of the oppressed;
Do not be like them, do not frown
A glare of pursed mouth’s oppression,
Do not dominate the weak and scared
That is much as a dagger in the heart.

Smile as you’ve never smiled before
Woo the woeful ones with the comfort
Of benevolent hearts of love,
Be your calling: a shining light.
Smile! All you who call on the name of Jesus.

Betty Kossick writes from Florida. 

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Betty Kossick

writes from Florida.

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