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Questions that Matter

At the beginning of October I went with a very good friend of mine to Virginia to walk along the Appalachian Trail. He had invited me for over a year now and finally our schedules cooperated and I was able to go. As I was preparing for the trip I, obviously had a lot of questions. I have gone hiking before and backpacking but never for 4 or 5 days in the woods.

My friend Jowi asked me to go to his house so he could show me how to pack, what to bring, and explain some other important facts of the trip. I was so excited. A lot of good things came out of that trip, a lot of things to write about, it was a great experience. I’m going to share all of those in future articles, but allow me to focus on the fact that I had a lot of questions and comments.

So Many Questions

The same thing happens sometimes with my relationship with God. I, sometimes, have a lot of questions, particularly about me and my situation. Who am I? What do You have for me? What is my destiny? And what is my potential? Am I alone? Who are You sending to me? What can I do? How should I handle this situation? How should I go forward? What if I go back for just a second? What is it? Am I in a holding, stand by pattern or is it the enemy fighting me? Are You trying to teach me a lesson? What tools are You providing? Are You here with me? Am I well equipped? How far can I go? How fast should I move? Or how much can I get? Will You teach me who I am?

I need to know, because I don’t want to go around imitating my friends, co-workers, my spouse, my pastor or my parents. Am I worthy of Your favor? Are You the one leading me? Where could I go? Where could I run? Could I fly away? How high should I fly? Even if I could sail to the edge of the sea, will You be there with me? Will you find me? Will I need the wind? And will I ever be free?

Tell me more about You, I want to know who you are. While You reveal yourself to me, teach me who I am so I could be happy being myself.

Asking “What?”

Among all of my questions there is not a single why question. I don’t want to ask ‘why.’ I would rather ask ‘what.’ ‘What is it that You want me to learn from this?’ vs. ‘Why am I going through this?’

Do I still have time? Do You believe in me? I serve a God who is timeless, time can not contain Him. My God filled eternity. A God who is willing to go to the deepest place just to be with me. Even if I try to hide, He will find me, that’s my God. A God that is not bothered by my constant questions. A God willing to answer all of them at the right time. Death has lost its power against my God, there is no power greater than His love for me. I can not explain how He came to love me. The only thing I can say is that nothing, NOTHING is beyond my God. Amen.

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