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Praying the Fifth Dimension

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a manipulative conversation to a friend about a friend and a good long (what Christians like to call) intercessory prayer? Not much. If you want your husband to be kinder, your kids to do better in school, or your employee to want to work those extra 40 hours over the holiday weekend, maybe you need to think twice before praying so.

In the teachings of Jesus, His Kingdom came to earth about 2,000 years ago. It came with all His power and His presence. What also needs to be pointed out here is that this kingdom is a spiritual one. So let me repeat:  Jesus’ Kingdom (and I quote Him now) is not of this world. And yes, (another quote) all power in Heaven and on earth has been given.

How Should This Affect My Prayers?

So how should this little insight affect my prayers? Well, think about it. You and I live in a three-dimensional world experienced within a length, breadth, and height realm. Let’s say four-dimensional if we include time. Well, when Jesus came, He introduced a fifth dimension—the spiritual dimension. We cannot see, touch or hear in this dimension unless a miracle occurs, but still, we are asked to believe.

The fifth dimension is kind of like that novel where two humans go to live on a planet with only two dimensions—length and breadth—and find they are thought of as gods because they can see, move and live in a dimension nobody else can access—they move beyond the sight and hearing of their two-dimensional friends. To disappear, all they need do is step up and over a line—and whoosh! They’re gone!

The Fifth Dimension

Jesus lives and moves in a dimension we cannot see or hear… the fifth dimension. When He acts in ways we cannot fathom and does things we call miraculous, it’s because we cannot know or experience the tangible realities of the fifth dimension… yet. Nevertheless, this fifth dimension is where the true Christian is to live and pray. If you understand all the things Jesus has already given us, you’ll find that they’re the fifth D kinds of things. In the fifth D, the answer is always YES! The trick, then, is to avoid seeking three or four D outcomes through prayer—manipulative talking—and instead ask for the fifth-dimensional blessings promised and let them determine the three-D outcomes.

This is huge. You don’t want your husband to be mean? Pray for blessings in the fifth dimension, like angels to minister to him (Hebrews 1:14), the Holy Spirit to fill his mind and drive his actions (1 Kings 18), or even the blood of Jesus to clean off his crusty heart and drain it of bitterness. And your kid’s grades? Don’t ask for that big A+. That’s trying to get your way—and could be out of sync with where your child is in their learning journey, not to mention what they are capable of. Rather ask for the light of Jesus (we cannot see it, but it’s sure real in the 5th D) to shine over your child and bring clarity. And wherever there is light, there cannot be darkness.

How to Pray

I could go on and on here. You can ask for someone’s sins to be forgiven (check out Job and Moses); you can ask that the Devil and his angels be removed from a situation. Shoot, you can even ask that God’s will and thoughts have authority over you and yours—bringing the best of outcomes. Really, anything promised as an “already given” in the Bible is a yes when asked for. Read through it, and you’ll get schooled on just how to pray.

This is especially important because we cannot see the heart or the real struggle inside us or anyone else. So praying for four-D outcomes when we don’t even know if that would be a good thing in the long—as in eternally long—long run, is rather foolish and could even be destructive. God doesn’t need any more narrow-minded humans wishing their self-centered, instantly gratifying outcomes on His grand themes. No, he’d rather we just asked for those spiritual blessings that get us in harmony with Him and release Him to work for us.

His Kingdom Come

So don’t pray a future over anyone—not your family, friends, nor those employees you want to work overtime. Instead, pray the fifth. Ask for the things that Jesus died to give you—the biggies—the Spirit to guide, the blood to forgive, the Word of God to guide, and the angels to protect, etc. And rest assured that your prayers will have a huge impact, even if you cannot see the proof until we reach the other side.

Think about it for a minute. Jesus came the first time to bring the fullness of the Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven. When He comes the second time, it will bring the complete or literal “faith becoming sight” manifestation of His Kingdom, here and now. And what does that mean to me? Wow, that I get to walk in the fullness of God right now and see it all come to sight soon when He comes for me! Nice indeed.

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Claire Worley writes from the Pacific Northwest.

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