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Positive Disruption

If you are fortunate enough to live a relatively trouble-free life, count your blessings. However, as you do, remember that avoiding trouble and enjoying a smooth ride isn’t necessarily the essence of a good life. There is much more to consider.

One huge factor that influences our degree of personal satisfaction is knowing why we’re here. It’s knowing why we’ve been given time and space on a seriously flawed planet. The answer is not easily obtained.

For many, the quest for fame, fortune, and personal happiness ranks high on the scale of importance. They believe that a right combination of these three can produce a life of incredible joy! However those who have achieved these often tell us that there is far more meaning in the journey than the destination.

The cruel truth that many discover too late is that just when they figure life out the sunset years close in and it all begins to fad.

Evidently life is more than savvy business deals, fancy cars, and knowing the right people. The accoutrements of success are often confused with the real thing.

A life without purpose can be exciting, focused, and even productive. But ultimately it can lack meaning and inspiration! It doesn’t take exceptional brilliance to be born, go to school, find a job, get married, have kids, and eventually retire and die. People do it every day. However, with discernment we understand the difference between doing time and discovering our life mission.

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