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Mom’s Birthday

Dear God: I want to thank you for Mom. Today, we celebrated her 83rd birthday, and she’s still well and happy. She misses Dad, sure; but she’s surviving and at peace with her new life as a widow.

She always feels like their 54 years of marriage were a gift from above. Even now, somehow, she is still a woman loved and adored from beyond the shadows of the grave. She is confident that her beloved husband will be waiting for her on Resurrection Morning.

Please help Derek and me to do a bit extra to make Mom’s life memorable and to ease the difficult medical moments that will come in the next few years. Make us patient with her “repeat” phone messages, the politically hysterical emails she needlessly forwards to us, and her slightly obsessive moments. Her well-traveled spiritual journey is a bit rigid and overbearing at times, but there’s no more devout Christian in the world—and we want to always honor her for her faithfulness to Your kingdom.

I know that in some mysterious and special way, You ordained that I should be born into her life and that Mom was chosen by heaven to lead me in this world. Thanks so much.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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