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Losing Control

I recently lost my mother to cancer, and since then, I feel the most comfortable when I rely solely on myself to control my life. All through the winter and spring quarters of my junior year in college, I tried to nail down my summer plans. I needed a roommate to help with rent. I needed to work to pay bills, my half of the rent, and the debt I had acquired while being a student missionary. Luckily, by late spring quarter, I had it all figured out. Things were going to be ok.

Losing Control

Then, a few weeks before the quarter ended, everything fell apart in three days. The student moving in decided to work in Portland for the summer. So I texted my boss to make sure I’d have enough work to cover rent. She texted me back saying she could keep me on as a sub but couldn’t guarantee full-time work. I got hold of my other boss and found out that hours there had been cut as well. I panicked. My plans were collapsing. I sat and bawled. Everything was out of control, even after all my planning.

An Open Door

My boyfriend, Nate, offered what he felt was the only option I had left. He told me he had talked to his parents, and I could live with them in California for the summer and do odd jobs. I had only met his parents twice before, so moving in with them for three months really scared me. Going to a new place at the last minute made me feel off-balance. Having no set work schedule meant I had no routine. Even though I did get a roommate at the last minute, it wasn’t enough. Yet, despite all the fears I had, it was the only door that was open for me. So I took it. And it changed my life in a much bigger way than I had thought could be possible in one summer.

In California, I worked periodically testing software for a small business. The CEO had done Nate a favor by giving me the job, but in the end, after I worked hard and did well, the company offered me a full-time job after I graduate in June. Wow!

Letting God Take Charge

Because my mother’s loss taught me that I couldn’t control the big things, I had been trying to control the things I felt I could. In my preoccupation with that, I had seen the small picture, just trying to pay rent and bills for a summer; instead, God had seen the big picture. God had been planning for the next several years of my life while at the same time solving my immediate problems, like finding a summer renter at the last minute. Now I realize that if I let God take charge rather than control things myself, He’ll help me plan things out. He knows what is best, and He knows how to make it happen.

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Alexandria Buell Spiva writes from Northern California.

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