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It Wasn’t Jesus

I am sorry for what religion has done to you, friend.

I’m sorry for the religion that shamed you, scolded you, judged you, and knocked you down. For the people who claim to strive to live like Jesus, yet made you the object of their judgment. Because your past was too rough, your heart was too tattered. Because you don’t look like them, don’t act like them, or don’t think like them. And because you’re either “too much” or “not enough.”

I’m sorry for the stares you got from the “holier than thou” people in the church pews.

The whispers behind your back.
The fake smiles that met your eyes.
The turned backs.
The harsh words.

All of it. I’m so sorry for what religion has done to you.

But that wasn’t Jesus.

Broken Heart

You cannot convince me that His heart doesn’t break when people are treated this way. No matter who they are.

I pray for God to break my heart for what breaks His, and right now my heart is tired and broken from talking to so many people who have left the church. They have even left God because they could no longer handle being treated less than, in the place that was supposed to be their rest.

We say things like, “I am chosen. I am His, and I am loved. I’m a child of the King. I am sought after,” and then behave as if the heart of Jesus, who goes back for the one missing soul, is not required of us.

And I can’t stand by and not use my voice to sound the alarm. Too many people have walked away. Souls that matter. People who are loved and cherished.

Maybe I won’t change a single mind.

But it’s too important not to try.

Adapted by Howard Coston from an unknown source.

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Howard Coston

Adapted by Howard Coston from an unknown source.

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