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Freedom to Believe

Dear God: Thank you for the freedoms we enjoy in our country. Here in the U.S., it’s easy to take for granted the fact that we can move where we want, worship as we please, and decide how to spend our lives. We are privileged but also know that many in the world are not as fortunate. Forgive us for whining and complaining about insignificant trivia. Thank you to our founding fathers, who had the foresight to write our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The lyrics to a folk song keep ringing in my ears:

“I heard on the news today,
They want to take my freedom away;
And tell me what I should believe,
And make me follow the God that I need.”

You are the God of free choice. That’s why you don’t force anyone to accept you. You want it to be a decision motivated by love. Thank you for giving us space to decide.

Keep us vigilant. It’s tempting to believe that our greatest enemies are from foreign lands, but in reality, our greatest danger is from within—from those who want to alter the tested laws and declarations that assure our freedoms. Some want to create a theocracy by establishing a state-run religion that dictates what we should or should not believe. Deliver us from such thinking! Religious freedom is central to who we are!

Thank you to those who have fought and died to protect our rights! Thank you for the ultimate liberty (deliverance from sin) that only you can bring.

In Jesus’ name—Amen.

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Rich DuBose writes from Northern California.

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