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Forever Young

Perhaps you caught the story years ago online: “A 56 year-old inventor and author predicts that human immortality is no more than 20 years away!” In preparation for this breakthrough, MIT graduate, Ray Kurzweil’s daily regimen included ingesting 250 supplements, 10 glasses of alkaline water and 10 cups of green tea. His plan was to extend his life long enough to achieve immortality.

In his book, “Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever,” Kurzweil predicted that within 20 years, human intelligence would not only conquer its biological limits, (including death) but would also completely master the natural world. He predicted there would be no more disease and we wouldn’t even need a heart! Kurzweil wrote of “millions of blood cell-sized robots, which he called ‘nanobots,’ that would keep us forever young by swarming through the body, repairing bones, muscles, arteries and brain cells.”

Was this the desperate fantasy of a man in his mid-fifties who couldn’t face his own mortality? More than likely it was. But let’s just suppose he was right. Is this something we would even wish for?

What If We Were Immortal?

No doubt, most of us want to live forever. In fact, I’ve met very few people in my role as a hospital Chaplain who want to die. And yet, what would it look like if each one of us had immortality, right now?

Can you imagine the negative impact of a person like Hitler or Manson living forever? We all know there are many persons living who are driven by selfishness, greed and a lust for power. There are those who walk among us whose hearts are bent continually on evil and destruction. What kind of world would we have to look forward to where these kinds of people have immortality?

That’s why I’m glad that Kurzweil was wrong. Man will never unlock the secret of being forever young. God alone is immortal and will grant eternal life only to those who have shown by their brief stay on this planet, that they can be trusted with it. God alone will grant immortality to those who have demonstrated that they love Him supremely and love their neighbor as themselves.

Kathy A. Lewis writes from Arizona.

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Kathy Lewis

Kathy A. Lewis

writes from Arizona.

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