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Escaping Into Sleep

I was having trouble falling to sleep last night. So I tried to trick my racing thoughts into making sense. This is my poem for those seeking to escape into a sweet precious sleep free from fear, illness, uncertainty and pain. Sweet dreams, my friends.

What do I do when fear grips my troubled mind;
Where is the needful solace I seek to find?
The peace that allows for this spirit to sleep;
To quiet these racing thoughts running so deep.

I look to the heavens beyond my sight;
Seeking comfort from above in this current plight.
These troubled times will not break this child;
My faith ensues and my hope runs wild.

Surrounded by your great love and ultimate protection;
You are the great beholder of this world, lost in rejection.
Creator of the stars, the sea, the mountains, the winds and all humanity.

You hear the cry of your faithful child;
You gently rain peace upon the air I breathe.
These uncertain times are only temporary;
Higher and deeper than the human mind can conceive.

The future lies in your healing hands;
Beyond understanding of these troubled lands.
Please bring healing and health to all mankind;
Allow your peace and hope to infuse each mind.

Manndi Deboef writes from Missouri.

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About Manndi Deboef

Manndi DeBoef

Manndi Deboef

writes from Missouri.

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