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Elohim, Marriage, & Community

Marriage is the heart of everything Divine. To practice the teachings of Jesus, the practice of marriage must come first, above all else. Your marriage, present or future, will be the most defining mark on your life, and the purest revelation of your heart. It is the practice of God Themselves.

In Genesis 1:1, the name God introduces us to a group. The name God in the Hebrew is Elohim, and it is a plural noun. It’s Them and can be translated The Mighty Ones. In other words, God has never been alone. They, Elohim, have always had each other.

Three As One

Genesis 1:27-28 teaches us that when Elohim wanted to make beings to resemble and image Themselves, they made more than one. You cannot know the human race in one being; it is not possible. Our race—as with Elohim—is manifest in the revelation of more than one unique being, man and woman.

Actually, man, woman and child. Jesus taught that They, Elohim, are made up of three beings: Father, Son (Himself) and Spirit—a trinity. In the Trinity we find the human template of family. Every time a man and woman conceive a child there is the making of a trinity, a perfect, tangible image of Elohim, the sacred Trinity. It’s amazing—three perfectly unique beings, utterly one.

Heaven and Hell

And herein lies a very tangible explanation of Heaven and Hell. Heaven is the place where the Presence of Elohim is, a place where They are together and one—a place of community. Hell is the opposite and is a place where They are not. Togetherness is absent, and you are isolated and alone.

The teachings of Genesis are very clear. We are never meant to be alone. We were brought forth in togetherness, under the covering of a Divine family. Community is who we are as beings of Elohim. This is why togetherness is our relentless expectation and undying pursuit. Literally, it is our whole desire.

Distinct Relationship

It is also clear that the specific togetherness we practice is one distinct relationship, the marriage relationship. It is the practice of a man and woman knowing and seeking oneness together that resembles Elohim so fully. Yes, and it is in this union of the masculine expression of Them and the feminine that the manifestation of all three—the expression of the trinity—is born.

It’s safe to say that our intentional practice of marriage and family is our most sacred pursuit as humans. Marriage is our most tangible revelation of Elohim in this present time. To observe what we call a husband and a wife practicing life together is to see with our own eyes the Divine.

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Claire Worley writes from the Pacific Northwest.

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