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Divine Angels

WHOOSH! I felt myself hurtling through the air, heading for the bright light in the distance. I did not feel the slightest frightened but only the warmth of that “light” as it seemed to reach out and embrace me. As I headed toward it, I heard the most beautiful, melodious, ethereal sounds. Must be the angels singing, I thought.

Through the haze, I felt the mask over my face, saw the tube inserted in my arm, and could hear voices. As I lay on the gurney drifting in and out of consciousness, I thought to myself, “God, this is ironic. I had expected to be at my mother’s side at this time and here I am at death’s door.” 

This incident occurred as I had been preparing to ask my school principal for a few personal days off, or perhaps even an emergency medical leave. You see I had promised my mother I would be there for her as she continued to battle her liver cancer.

Change of Plans

Her phone call the previous night was “I’m so scared. You promised you’d be here as quickly as possible when I called.” “That’s right, Mom,” I told her. I realized that she had edema, a condition common in terminally ill patients. I needed to travel home some four hours away as quickly as possible.

That spring morning I headed off for my position at the local high school media center. I was prepared to ask for a leave of absence so I could be with my mother. However, I had taken a pill to suppress hot flashes which I got frequently. It wasn’t long before I began feeling weird. I checked with the school nurse and told her I was feeling woozy and my heart was racing. Checking my blood pressure, she expressed surprise when it was elevated, since my blood pressure was usually low.

Having had numerous allergic reactions in the past, I suspected this was what was happening. So I called my gynecologist who suggested I get to the nearest doctor post-haste.

Cardiac Arrest

To this day I do not recall driving my car to the doctor’s office about seven miles away. But I do recall going into the office and collapsing inside the door. But this was not before I told the doctor on staff that I thought I was having an allergic reaction. Just before I fell to the floor, the doctor gave me a nitroglycerin pill as I was complaining of difficulty breathing, heaviness in my chest . . . telling her to call my son who was closest, and then going unconscious.

Unknown to me, the doctor who treated me that day was the wife of a cardiologist. She intervened in my care and also summoned the nearby ambulance. Now I was laying on the gurney with the EMS team working on me.

Intervention of Angels

As it turned out, I had gone into cardiac arrest and would have died had it not been for these divine angels.

As I had sped toward that bright light, I heard someone say, “Go back, it’s not your time,” and as I saw myself retreating from the bright light, I knew I would be all right.

Thanks to the grace of God and the quick thinking of the medical doctor, coupled with the angelic host of paramedics, my life was spared. Indeed, God had sent His angels to protect me.

Following a week in the ICU and my release from the hospital, unable to return to my work position, I rushed to my mother’s side where I remained until she passed away. I never did tell Mother why I wasn’t there at her side when I said I would be, but somehow I’m convinced now that Mother knows.

Indeed God intervened in my life once again, and though I was ready to go, God still has plans for my life.

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Joyce Elaine Boring writes from Pennsylvania. 

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