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Corona’s Birth

Overnight the whole world turns upside down, 

Panic breaks out in almost every town. 

Corona is born as Chaos gives birth, 

Her cries and moaning covers all the earth; 

So sad for such a name that means a crown 

Sadder yet for dark death gives her renown 

As pandemonium swiftly bursts forth, 

And the loud scourge of her cries hold no worth. 

No invitation was offered to her, 

No want for her odd presence to linger; 

Even the scientists throw up their hands 

For never such a plague covered the lands. 

Though a newborn she’s much like an old witch, 

Stirring her caldron of miseries pitch 

Yet from the fright, we all come together 

To care for and assist one another; 

Compassion and love shows through all the bleak 

Strength does abound and we shall not be weak. 

In time, this Corona will be thrown down 

With no grand glory for her broken crown, 

Yes, we may sigh deep in the interim 

But morning brings us joy out of the din. 

Hold fast, keep the faith, and do not despair 

Night fades, and then daylight comes bright and fair. 

Betty Kossick writes from Florida.


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Betty Kossick

writes from Florida.

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