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An Unlikely Angel

Our friends, Jo Ann and Norman from Indiana, and my husband and I, had just completed three months of volunteer work with ROAM (RVers on a Mission) in Southern Florida. We had decided to travel south to Texas, New Mexico, and north into California.

Settling into an RV park across the bay from San Francisco, we enjoyed several days of sightseeing there—Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, Art Museum, and The Golden Gate Bridge Park. Our last adventure was the trolley tour of the city on the cable car system.

While on this tour, Norman began to get sick and complained of severe stomach pain. As we exited the car, he collapsed to the ground and began to retch violently.

What Should We Do?

People stood around and gaped, asking, “Did he OD?” We knew that wasn’t the case. We tried to call 911, but that didn’t work. Suddenly a young man appeared. He immediately took matters in hand—calling for help, and sitting on the cold pavement with Norman’s head cradled in his lap until the ambulance arrived.

As our friend was rushed to the hospital, we turned to thank this young man. He was an unlikely angel with long ponytail hair, body piercings, and tattoos. As it turned out, Norman had a severe kidney stone attack and was admitted as a patient.

We often think of that “unlikely angel” and thank God he walked into our lives.

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Joan Elaine Boring writes from Pennsylvania.

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