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A Smoker’s Prayer

Dear God: I feel absolutely helpless and weak-willed right now. Monday was the big day; I was going to quit smoking for sure. That lasted until the afternoon break. I started again this morning, and by noon I’d gone out back by the dumpster—twice—and had a cigarette. It kind of made me feel like a jerk and I’m pretty discouraged. More than anything I want to quit smoking.

My addiction is more than I can bear! That nicotine craving, especially after I get through a hard phone call . . . it throbs from head to toe. Plus after fifteen years of sucking on these things, the entire routine is a beloved enemy: buying the carton, opening a pack, sliding out that first of twenty beautiful, fresh, unlit babies, flicking my lighter . . .

I hate how I love it so much.

Father, I know “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” but those ten words don’t seem to be lining up against my habit with any apparent effectiveness. I need you now! Please help me! Help me tomorrow to run to you before the craving hits, to be strong enough in your power to take a walk instead of a smoke, to say no to Mindy when she teases me.

I know being free from tobacco will please and honor you, and I want to be your obedient and victorious child. I’ll cooperate the best I can, but if this turns into a victory, hey, it’s going to have to be all yours, ‘cause I’m basically unarmed and out of ammo here.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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David B. Smith writes from Southern California

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