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I Can’t Skip It

Dear God: Sometimes I’m tempted to skip my time with you. Some days the calendar is so packed with things to do I’m tempted to just breath a prayer as I head out the door. The other day when I was feeling this way, I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the idea. How can I go through the day and expect to be productive and safe without inviting Your presence with me?

I need daily contact with You for spiritual nourishment and wisdom. Those who try to make it without a fresh supply of Your grace ultimately experience a loss of momentum and power. It’s like trying to operate a car on fumes instead of gas.

Today, it is because I have so much to do that I’m spending time with You. It is because my heart wanders and is subject to all kinds of temptations that I need Your guidance and protection.

Thank You for giving me the presence of mind to know better than to try and go it alone.

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About Rich DuBose

Rich DuBose

is director of Church Support Services for the Pacific Union Conference.

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