Tuesday, November 29 2022 - 8:33 PM

Life Applications

Identity In Christ

girl looking in mirror

People tend to place their identity in what they think they are. Studies validate this, but so do common sense and experience. For instance, which …

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Coming to the Father

young man walking down road with suit bag

Several years ago, Marine Major Brian Dennis befriended a dog during his patrols in Iraq. The dog, whom he named Nubs, had been purposefully abused …

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Loving Yourself

guy holding Love Yourself banner

My friend Pamela saw herself as one giant failure. Her negative feelings about her past, present, and future enveloped her like a heavy fog. She …

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Growing Through Trials

young lady stretching her neck

I know a guy who watches the stock market closely. Now, I know that there are many people today that are watching the market closely, but …

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Why Read the Bible?

woman reading Bible

He was born Alexei Maximovich Peshkov but renamed himself Maxim Gorky. (“Gorky” in Russian means “bitter.”) In one of this famous writer’s best plays, The …

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Respect for Life

hand on coffin

Several years ago, I was privileged to be able to walk among the graves of American soldiers in Normandy, France. You have undoubtedly seen pictures …

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Today is a Gift

lady tasting food on stove

Only one thing is for sure—now! Yesterday is a distant memory, and tomorrow may never come. Today is here. That is not to say you …

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Anger and Sin

woman yelling into the phone

I was nearing a toll booth at a turnpike off-ramp. I wasn’t trying to be rude, but I unintentionally cut in front of another car. …

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