Tuesday, November 29 2022 - 8:07 PM

Healthy Choices

Rethinking Our Stress

woman with fingers on temples

Stress is a six-letter word we have heard all of our lives. Sitting in traffic for hours, yelling at one another when we get upset, …

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Winter Fruits and Veggies


During the winter months, a variety of our favorite fruits and vegetables may not be available. Instead of looking for watermelon or peaches during the …

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Remembering Teeth

family brushing teeth

We never think of our mouth as a dark and wet place that harbors bacteria, but it does. We can have millions of bacteria tearing …

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Delaying Dementia

wife comforting husband

My maternal grandmother was one of the most energetic women of her generation. She started a nursing home alongside her sisters and later managed a …

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Bring Vegetable Dishes Back

lady cooking vegetables

Let’s face it. These days we’re busy. Even our meals reflect our busyness. We often skip planning and prepare foods that are familiar and convenient. …

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Rest and Fatigue

The human body is not powered like the Energizer Bunny. Any system of the human body that is overworked or excessively stressed without appropriate rest …

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Menopause: Get Moving


One thing women can expect in life is that our bodies constantly change. From babyhood to our golden years, we constantly undergo some transition. However, …

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Need to Limit Your Sodium?

French Fries and ketchup

Recently, the American Heart Association, and other organizations have challenged us to consume less sodium. However, lowering our sodium intake from 4,600 mg to 2,300 …

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