Monday, September 28 2020 - 9:29 AM

Healthy Choices

Is Freshman 15 a Myth?

When teenagers graduate from high school they are faced with the idea of entering a new environment for college. This time period can be quite …

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Warning Signs of Diabetes

In 2007, the American Diabetes Association stated there were 23.6 million adults and children in the United States, or 7.8% of the population, who had …

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Want a Drink?

Alcohol flows regularly in our society. We see beer at sporting events; wine in many restaurants to accompany a meal or even at events such …

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The Right Direction

Picture yourself lost in a forest. You are alone and desperately want to find your way out. You haven’t a clue which direction to hike, …

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The First Five Minutes

Staying physically active can help prevent or delay some diseases, like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Exercise can even help people who struggle with depression …

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Preventing Back Pain

Life keeps us busy walking or running, sitting or lying down. There’s really no time to think about our backs that is… unless we get …

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