Tuesday, July 5 2022 - 1:13 AM

Story Harvest

I Want a Sister

boy holding baby

I’m told that I really wanted a little sister when I was small. Sometimes I would talk about it casually with my parents, and other …

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Lauren’s Support

sad man looking at cell phone

About a year ago, I proposed to my girlfriend Lauren, and we began making plans to be married in the summer. Because we were not …

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That Church

group of people studying Bible

My mother was introduced to a new church when I was about seven or eight years old. My siblings and I started attending with my …

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An Ironman’s Prayer


As I swam through the semi-transparent lake water, I could see below me the faint shadow of a submerged scuba diver. I waved at the …

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“Cancer” on My Resume

man sitting in foggy and cloudy day

In April when I was diagnosed with a very aggressive, stage 4, non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer called mantle cell, I said, “I never wanted to have …

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Seeing Clearly

playing guitar

When I started playing the guitar, my motivation could best be summed up as a short but embarrassing mantra: “Chicks dig musicians.” I sat for …

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Good in COVID

art pencils

COVID hit the world unexpectedly during my seventh month of working as a student journalist in Peru. When Peru airports closed to all traffic, the …

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Adopting Lilyan

woman and child embracing

On a beautiful spring morning, March 26, 2007, a perfect little angel, Lilyan Rose, was born. Unfortunately, her home was a dangerous and unstable environment. …

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What a Gift

woman in hospital bed

I first met her at church. My family had just moved to Milton Freewater, Oregon, and we were looking for a church that would be …

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Trapped by An Angel

girls playing outside

It was a beautiful summer’s day in Sandpoint, Idaho. With my dad off at work and my mom out grocery shopping, my little sister and …

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