Thursday, December 7 2023 - 3:49 PM

Story Harvest

Help When I Needed It

boy on sofa with head in knees

My mother has always been a rock in my life. She taught me almost everything I knew. From learning proper manners to cooking enough meals …

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My Plan or His Plan

Sydney Opera House and bridge

After completing my freshman year of college, I decided to do something entirely out of character. I had a plan to spend a year abroad …

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An Unlikely Angel

city street

Our friends, Jo Ann and Norman from Indiana, and my husband and I, had just completed three months of volunteer work with ROAM (RVers on …

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a person in flip flops

It was late, as usual. Only the lights from Palikir Church illuminated the outside world as I said my goodbyes to the remaining church members …

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Samaritan on the Train

subway train

It was 9 a.m., and Boston was already a sticky 80 degrees. I plopped in front of the air conditioner, content with the idea of staying planted there all day. Since I …

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Skating Sore


As we trotted down the slushy sidewalk just a week prior, my roommate announced, “We need to go skating this winter!” I eagerly agreed to …

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Angel Cop in Mexico

car going down the road

My early childhood was centered on traveling. My dad had an itchy foot to travel as much as possible. When I was two, my family …

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Kids In Danger

guy in forefront and students in background

December 2, 2015, started as an average day. At 17, I attended high school at Loma Linda Academy, finishing up the first semester of my …

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