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Before You Crash

Every time I’m asked why I won’t use my Saturdays to mow the lawn or spring clean my house, I get happy. One of the …

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A Day to Remember

The Biblical World View 1. What does the very first verse of the Bible tell us about God? Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created …

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God’s Time Bomb

Sabbath is God’s sticky-note reminder that time is on our side! Thats a pretty audacious thought, given the fact that everything we do is measured …

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A Sense of Belonging

Lesson 7 |  Click here to print a PDF copy of this lesson. “No doubt about it, this is mine! I’d know it anywhere because I …

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Does it Matter?

Lesson 8 |  Click here to print a PDF copy of this lesson One of the major questions in Christendom today is, “Which day is the …

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Last Day Extremism

God has not left us in the dark about the future. While there are many details that cannot be possibly known, the large over-arching questions …

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