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Lesson 7 – A Sense of Belonging

“No doubt about it, this is mine! I’d know it anywhere because I made it. I even etched my initials in it. See?” The sergeant in the “lost and found” room at police headquarters looked at the carved initials for verification. Sure enough, the designer of the recovered stolen property had just positively identified it. The designer then proceeded to explain how he had created each of the pieces to fit together, including the specifics of its inner workings, which no one could possibly know unless they were the designer and builder. Then, the man revealed several ugly scars on his arms and hands that he had received while rescuing it from a fire that destroyed his home. He prized the object because he created it. Then later rescued it from destruction, at great peril to his own life. He was delighted to be able to reclaim it once again!

Scripture depicts God as our Creator and Redeemer!

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