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Lesson 6 – God’s Law Still Needed

There’s a great deal of confusion today about the law of God. Many say His laws were nailed to the Cross with Jesus and that we are no longer obligated to keep them since the New Testament says we are saved by grace. Yet, no one seems eager to completely ignore them because they are the pattern for the laws of our present society. Certainly, no Christian would support murder, stealing, adultery, idol worship, or any of the other sins that are prohibited in the Ten Commandments.

Key to dispelling the confusion, we need to understand that “God’s law” encompasses more than the Ten Commandments. Originally, when His law was expressed, it included health laws that were given to insure physical and mental strength (see Leviticus 11-15), which still make sense to today. His law also included civil laws that were designed to protect the rights of citizens within their community, (i.e. Deuteronomy 17-25). In addition, there were many religious and ceremonial laws which were designed to teach lessons about God and His plan of salvation. These laws can be found throughout the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. The Decalogue (literally, ten words), which we recognize as the Ten Commandments, is considered the moral law. Each classification of law was separate and distinct from the other. Some were modified as living conditions changed from wilderness to city dwelling, but the Ten Commandments were never subject to modification.

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