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Blessings for My Husband

man blowing nose

My own Coronavirus experience began soon after New York City shut down in mid-March 2020. My husband, Robert, began to feel exhausted, slept later and …

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A Challenging Time

lady with mask and coffee

2020 was one of the most challenging years of my lifetime. I have relatives who lived through the latter parts of World War II, and …

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What Love Really Means

J.J. Heller sings about the true meaning of love. In 1 Corinthians 13, the apostle Paul asks the same question. It is a question that …

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Spaces in Our Lives

lady sitting and contemplating

Coronavirus invaded our world about two years ago, and already I’m starting to ignore one of the lessons I learned through this experience. It’s the …

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Sabbath Singalong

Worship the Lord in this Sabbath Singalong

Sabbath Singalong with Kevin, Jennifer & Dayna Petrie, January 8, 2021, Brisbane, Australia Song List Ancient Words, Bright New World, Jesus Loves Me, Come Thou …

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Humble and Kind

Eclipse 6’s first single shot music video! “We’d been wanting to do a song from the country music genre for a while but wanted to …

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Brighter Days

Singer/songwriter Carmen Cruz brings good to life with her song about finding the bright side of each new day. Because God is here we can …

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I Will See You Home

"I Will See You Home" by Chris Meyers

Written by Chris Meyers. Sung by the Bittersweets Every hour we said that we should wait Every step we thought we shouldn’t take Every time …

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A Bright New Wave

Every day the earth trembles with heartache, violence and loss, which has been happening for hundreds and thousands of years. This makes our home the …

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Divine Angels

WHOOSH! I felt myself hurtling through the air, heading for the bright light in the distance. I did not feel the slightest frightened but only …

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