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Addictive Behaviors

young lady looking distressed with hands on head

What is addiction? How can you tell if someone you care about is addicted to a mind-altering substance, activity, or process? And what should you …

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Coffee and Caffeine

We live in a fast paced society – fast cars, fast computers, and fast food. Anyone who is not pumped may be considered dull or …

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Want a Drink?

Alcohol flows regularly in our society. We see beer at sporting events; wine in many restaurants to accompany a meal or even at events such …

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Devices Between Us

“How do I use this thing again?” I say to myself as I stare at my cellphone. Well, I can’t actually call it a cellphone, …

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Tipping the Scales

I was a rather lightweight child with the exception of a couple of pudgy years in adolescence. Post age 40 I have tried three different …

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