Monday, July 22 2024 - 4:30 PM

CSS Projects

Church Support Services has been involved in a number of creative projects over the last 21 years. Current and past projects are listed below:

Current Projects:

SpiritRenew – An iPhone, iPad, Android app that features devotional and health content.

Answers For Me – A website that features devotional and health content.

Bible Bay – A Bible resource website that feature LifeSavers online study guides

inSpire – A web/Facebook community for Adventist artists, poets and songwriters.

Stories of Faith – A series of videos that feature stories about ministries and personal faith.

Renew – Hard-copy and e-mail newsletters that feature news, resources and ministry updates

StoryHarvest – A website that features personal stories of faith.

Connect With One – Greeting cards that can be used for outreach and encouragement.

Completed Projects:

ChurchSupport Services (Church ministries website)

WebShare (Sharing cards for evangelism websites)

Creating Vervent Congregations (Creative Ministry Symposium)

PlusLine Helpdesk (Information support for church leaders and members)

Passport News (Resouce newsletter for church leaders)

Written In The Heart (Website that featured the 10 Commandments)