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About Us

About Us

Since 2008, AnswersForMe has consistently offered support and encouragement for everyday life. The content is derived from people from all walks of life who struggle to put meaning and purpose into their lives. Hundreds and thousands of users have taken advantage of the helpful content on family life, health, spiritual growth, and more.  Some of the content is also available on SpiritRenew, our FREE iPhone, iPad and Android app.

Answers For Me is sponsored by the Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and is provided as a service to enrich people’s lives.

Content Usage

Articles – All of the article published on this site belong to the authors or entities that have given us permission to use them. We cannot authorize others to reprint them. You must contact the authors or organizations directly to inquire about possible reuse.

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SpiritRenew App – Send comments and questions regarding the SpiritRenew app to: [email protected]

Advertising – We offer a few ad spots on our site for services and products that we deem are appropriate for the site. We are very protective of every square inch on our site and do not have an open door policy to advertisers. If you are interested in purchasing ad space, tell us about your service or product and provide us with a link so we can do a little research. The price is presented if and when your product is approved. Then you can decide if you wish to proceed.  Contact us for more information.